Frequently asked Questions

Things you might wonder about Tokinomo.

Thanks for being here! We are happy you want to learn more about Tokinomo. Below, we tried to cover the most frequent questions asked by our clients, partners and other curious minds. In case you haven’t found the answer to your specific question, feel free to reach out and we’ll gladly take care of it for you!

How does the robot work?

The brand's product is attached to the robot, which sits behind it on the shelf. When a shopper approaches, Tokinomo’s motion sensor detects its presence and brings the product to life by making it move and talk while casting light from the top like an actor on stage. 

Prior to this, an implementation team handles the campaign setup, which involves uploading the desired audio files to our custom-made cloud management platform, setting the motion patterns of the product, the light, and sensor among others. . Installation on the shelf is also performed by our certified partners in each individual country. 

What are the benefits of using it?

Using Tokinomo gives you the amazing opportunity to turn your product into a storyteller at the point-of-sale and that in itself is a unique benefit. Brands tell stories using TV ads, Facebook and Google Ads, outdoor advertising but have few options when it comes to the point-of-purchase inside brick and mortar stores. Tokinomo manages to make products talk and engage the shoppers RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW and create a personal connection with each individual shopper that walks by the shelf.  

Among the benefits of using Tokinomo, the most important are: 

  • raising product visibility and brand awareness
  • increasing sales
  • differentiating products from competitors
  • accessing new shoppers
  • improving brand perception 
  • improving customer retention and customer acquisition
  • boosting shopper engagement 
  • getting word-of-mouth
  • More awareness on social media (as lots of shoppers share videos with your setup as it’s innovative and fun)
Does Tokinomo require an Internet connection to work?

Our robots can be connected to WIFI and they also have a SIM card embedded in case there is no WIFI connection. This brings a lot of benefits for clients, which include real-time campaign management and reporting using the cloud platform. 

However, the robots do not require an internet connection to work on the shelf in supermarkets. All the campaign settings can be done remotely prior to the installation and the robots will work even without a constant internet connection. 

Having all the robots connected gives you several advantages, like: 

  • Changing campaign settings in real-time: uploading new audio files, changing the volume or the motion patterns 
  • Checking reports with food traffic and activations in real-time, from your office, for each individual store. 
Does it require electricity?

Tokinomo robots were designed to work using electricity and we strongly recommend using a power outlet. However, if there isn’t any plug near the shelf, we have created a custom-made battery that lasts around 7 days of continuous work and can be charged completely in 12 hours. This operation is performed by our installation teams. 

What is the maximum weight it can carry?

The maximum weight it can carry is 1.5 kg, but we recommend using it up to 1.2kg for safety reasons. In exceptional cases, we may use even 1.5kg with special settings.

However, if you’re thinking about promoting larger products, this might still be possible depending on the packaging. For example, we had campaigns where we emptied the contents (fabric conditioner, detergents) and it wasn’t noticeable because the packaging was opaque.  

Can Tokinomo be used in fridges?

Tokinomo robots can be used in fridges, both open and closed. 

How can I use Tokinomo Mobile App?

Tokinomo Mobile App is designed to be used by the installation team in order to test hardware functionalities: the swing arm, light, sound, motion sensor. By using the mobile app, the team can:

  • set up a Wifi Network 
  • set up different Sim cards from various Mobile Carriers
  • set the volume (if you want it to be different for a particular robot/store)
  • perform an Installation Quality Control

What is Tokinomo's Campaign Management Platform used for?

The Cloud Platform is designed to be used by the campaign programming team: 

  • you can upload audio files 
  • create and change campaign settings in real-time
  • You can add/delete devices from campaigns 
  • You can assign devices for different campaign locations/stores 
  •  You have access to a dashboard that includes information about active/pending  campaigns, duration, locations.
  • You can check the status of each device and the overall status of a campaign
  • You get the data reports.