Traditional in-store promotions

Entertaining or unnoticed?


Are your customers amazed by your in-store promotions? 

Are they stopping and buying the products you promote?

Are they even noticing them? 

Most of the time, the answer to these 3 questions is No. If you are using old-school in-store marketing solutions like displays and banners, your customers won’t get disrupted during their shopping sessions. 


Because they are used to seeing these types of in-store promotions. 

On average, an extremely successful in-store promotion can increase sales by 70%. 

This sounds great, right? 

Well, in most cases, during an in-store promotion, the prices of the products are lowered so that you can offer a discount to your customers. When you measure the results of your in-store promotions, you should take into account the fact that you lowered the price of the products, not just the number of products that were sold. 

This means that your revenue could be the same or even lower than it was in the period before the in-store promotion!

Did you know that 59% of the trade promotions fail?

Why do these promotions fail? 

One of the main reasons for which in-store promotions fail is that customers are not convinced by them. Most shoppers don’t see the discounts, BOGO promotions or multi-buys offers. 

This is because most trade promotions are not distracting enough. 

What if we tell you that there is a way to lift sales by 200% without lowering prices?

Tokinomo - The ultimate in-store marketing solution

Tokinomo combines sound, light, and motion technology to attract and engage customers while promoting your products. 

When using Tokinomo you can: 

  • increase sales
  • maintain the price of the product
  • promote your brand
  • delight your customers
  • increase brand loyalty

Tell a story with every in-store promotion

If you want to make your promotion stand out, you need to make your brand stand out. 

Customers want to be part of your story, to resonate with it, and to feel included. 

While eCommerce platforms use their entire website, their blog section, and their social media accounts to tell their story, brick and mortar shops tend don’t have many options. 

However, by presenting the story behind the product in a unique way, you will be able to capture the attention of the customer and immerse them in a new world. 

80% of customers want brands to tell stories.

Why is it so important for customers? Why do stories have such an impact? 

Well, it’s simple and it goes back to when we were children. We all love to tell stories and to be taken into a whole new universe by a story.  Stories connect us and they can also connect your customers to your brand or product. By creating this connection, you gain the appreciation of customers, not just a simple purchase. This means that they will come back for more and they will get attached to your brand. 

Let’s take a simple example: P&G - the proud sponsor of moms.

Everybody has seen at least one of their commercials entitled “Thank you, mom!” and most people shed a tear or two. The story behind the commercial is simple: Even Olympic athletes need the support of their mothers and P&G is here to support the moms. 

P&G went even further and introduced a pressing social issue: bias 

In one of their more recent commercials, “Love over bias”, P&G presents the impact of bias and how mothers (their primary audience) manage to see beyond flaws. 


Even in their in-store promotions, P&G continues to tell the story, to present it with images on displays, and simple text that has a great impact. 


As their Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard says it: 

9 of 10 consumers say they have a more positive image of a brand when it supports a societal cause, and half say they make purchase decisions based on shared beliefs with a brand.”

If your brand manages to tell a story all across its channels, customers will listen and will connect with your brand. This will also help you create successful in-store promotions. People will know your story and will notice your promotions. 

How can you make sure that your story reaches people? Share it on every channel possible: TV, radio, social media, and most importantly, in-store! 

Tokinomo can support your efforts and help you tell the story of your brand and products!

With the help of great audio messages, customizable lighting, and movement, our in-store marketing robots will put your product and your story in the spotlight. 

Change the narrative by using an innovative solution that will make your customers listen to your story!

Turn in-store promotions into shareable moments

If you want to make your in-store promotions unforgettable, you will need to keep up with trends and offer your customers an experience, not just a discount. 

When you offer customers an unforgettable moment, word-of-mouth marketing does its magic: 

92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.



Tokinomo will help you turn customers into promoters who will share their experiences with friends, family, or even on their social networks. 

Once your customers share your new in-store promotion, other customers will want to experience it and with a snowball effect, your promotion might even go viral on social media.

This will help you: 

  • increase brand awareness
  • lift sales
  • engage with customers
  • increase brand loyalty

In order to make your in-store promotion attract the attention of your customers you will need a few ingredients: 

1. A well-spoken message

The message behind the discount or the promotion is important. Why would customers purchase your products? What are you offering them exactly? 

Craft your message cleverly and adapt it along the way. With Tokinomo, you can even change the message during the promotion, without the usual hustle. All you have to do is use our cloud-based platform and select a different audio message. 

2. A great discount 

Every promotion has a purpose. You need to make sure that your promotions make sense. For instance, if you want to have a BOGO promotion (buy one, get one), you need to make sure that your products are needed in sets or that people usually buy your product in bulk. There are certain products for which this type of promotion doesn’t work.

3. An innovative solution 

Tokinomo is the innovative solution that supports your in-store marketing efforts and makes your promotions stand out. Engage your customers and give them a reason to talk or Tweet about you with Tokinomo!

Tokinomo - Making in-store promotions memorable

Tokinomo is the ideal in-store promotions solution for retailers, brands, and offline marketing agencies

Creating an in-store promotion with the help of Tokinomo offers:


  • increased customers engagement
  • 200% average lift in sales
  • more important data about customers
  • more profit per square meter


  • brand awareness
  • successful promotions
  • brand loyalty


          Marketing agencies
  • innovation for customers
  • more FMCG clients
  • competitive advantage

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