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The ultimate in-store marketing solution.

In-store advertising nowadays is static, outdated and inefficient. To solve this problem, we invented Shelfobot: a shelf advertising robot that puts products into the spotlight and enables a totally different type of brand communication at the point of sale. One that has never been seen before.

Shelfobot’s interactive approach is disruptive, memorable and highly efficient. That’s just one of the reasons FMCG brands around the world are already using it with outstanding results in terms of brand awareness, shopper engagement and sales.

These are Shelfobot's
main features

Sensor detection

Shelfobot robot uses a motion sensor to detect shoppers who approach the shelf in order to create a spontaneous interaction that generates immediate interest and engagement.


Shelfobot’s swing arm makes products pop out of the shelf and greet shoppers. The motion pattern is customizable up to the point you can make the product dance to the rhythm of a jingle. 

Led Light

Every time Shelfobot activates and the product comes to life, a led light from above is cast upon the product just like an actor on stage, turning it into the absolute star of the aisle.

Sound messaging

The feature that turns products into storytellers at the point of sales is the sound. Shelfobot allows uploading customised audio messages so brands can turn shoppers into customers.

Connectivity and
remote access

Each Shelfobot device is connected wirelessly to our data servers, which means that campaign settings like audio files, sound volume, and motion patterns can be changed remotely.

You also have real-time access to data, so you can monitor the campaign at all times, irrespective of the number of locations it is implemented in. The perks of using modern technology!

Connectivity and remote access
Campaign management platform

management platform

With Shelfobot’s powerful cloud-based interface, you can control every aspect of your campaign with any device, anywhere in the world.

After Shelfobot has been set up in the store, you can monitor your campaign’s results in real-time and make frequent adjustments. This allows you to constantly improve your campaign’s performance for maximum results.

Shelfobot Mobile App

Shelfobot Mobile App is available on IOS and Android and was designed to ease the installation process for the implementation team.

The mobile app is used to test the hardware functionalities: the arm swing, sound, motion and light after doing the set-up on the shelf.

Using the mobile app, the staff can connect the robot to a wifi network, adjust the volume and perform a complex installation quality control. 

Tokinomo Mobile App
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Proud to have created an award-winning in-store marketing solution.

Besides winning the trust of top FMCG brands who are using our innovative solution all over the world, we are very proud of winning several international awards for being the best retail innovation and digital POP display solution. 

Retail Expo London, Europe's leading retail exhibition for retail technology and digital innovation, awarded Tokinomo with the best  innovation award in 2018. 

Tokinomo was the winner in two categories, Best POP/POS Concept and Innovative Product Display, at the Creative Retail Awards 2022. 

In 2020, Tokinomo received the Best Retail Innovation Award in the leading Greek event that rewards the best sales performances of the year. 

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Besides raising product visibility, brand awareness, and shopper engagement, Shelfobot robots also have an outstanding impact on sales. Check out below some of our client's stories and how they managed to reach their objectives by using our shelf robots.

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