Maggi’s singing soup: outstanding brand activation powered by Tokinomo

Maggi’s creative brand activation turned heads in-store

Catching the attention of shoppers in-store during brand activations and promotions is almost an impossible task. However, with the right solutions and a creative idea, you can increase customer engagement right at the point of sale. This is exactly what Nestlé Bolivia achieved. In an effort to promote their Maggi packaged soups, Nestlé Bolivia found the right combination between innovation and creativity. 

The packaged soup market is a competitive one. There are various players on the market and it is hard to attract attention at the point of sale. However, packaged soups are popular products. For instance, more than 254.65 million Americans use canned or packaged soups. These products are so popular because they are really easy to prepare and you can store them for a long while, compared to other products. 

But how do you attract attention to your packaged soups inside a grocery store? By using an innovative solution!

Nestlé’s campaign objectives

Nestlé Bolivia did not have a great budget for this campaign, but they wanted to test out an innovative solution and see how it performs. They started the campaign with these objectives in mind: 

  • Engage customers at the point of purchase
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales

“It started like so many POS products that we have based in Bolivia. Not a huge marketing budget at our disposal yet, the ambition was to create strong awareness of our MAGGI’s soup brand in the region.“ - Maria Fernanda Ugalde, Senior category marketing manager at Nestlé

Innovative in-store brand activation

If you want to attract the attention of shoppers in-store you will need to find a creative approach. Without it, people are just going to pass by your products without even noticing your campaign. Nestlé didn’t want that. This is why they choose Tokinomo for their in-store marketing campaign in Bolivia.

Nestlé loved the concept of the campaign and that is why they decided to move forward. Since retailers are a bit reticent when it comes to staff presenting campaigns in-store, they loved the concept of a robotic POP display. The campaign took place in 4 supermarkets in Bolivia for a period of one month. 

“This was probably the most challenging part as we needed to sell the idea to the retailers. And, like all creative, out-of-the-box ideas, there will always be some reservations. But we were able to secure 4 x supermarkets across Bolivia to run with the idea.” Maria Fernanda Ugalde, Senior category marketing manager at Nestlé

Singing soup pot attracted attention in-store

When we said the campaign had a creative concept, we were not kidding. Tokinomo’s regional rep brought a unique concept to the table: Turn a simple soup pot into a singing one with the help of Tokinomo. Of course, people were amazed to see a full area with Maggi soups and a pot that was singing Italian opera. 

With the help of motion technology, Tokinomo moved the pot at the lid of the pot at the rhythm of the song. The sound technology allowed Nestlé to bring Italian opera into Bolivian stores. Also, the light helped bring the fire effect under the pot. 

You’re probably wondering how it all looked. Well, you can see the singing pot in the following video:

Caught the attention of shoppers in-store

As you can expect and also see in the video, shoppers were amazed and curious at the same time. Young people, old people, kids. No matter the age, all people stopped to see what’s the deal with the singing pot. Of course, while stopping to inspect the pot and hear the Italian song closely, they also investigated the packed soups from Maggi. 

The first step towards a sale is attracting the attention of customers and this creative idea did it without a doubt.

Online attention for an in-store activation

In-store promotions usually stay inside the brick and mortar stores. However, when a campaign is as magical as this one, it tends to attract attention online as well. After Nestlé posted the campaign video on Facebook, it received more than 800k views and hundreds of likes. 

“Oh, we’ve also seen customers’ videos go viral with nearly one million views on Facebook. Activation stunts like these can save you thousands of dollars in social ad spend because the customers do it for you!” -  Maria Fernanda Ugalde, Senior category marketing manager at Nestlé

Over 50% increase in sales

One of the best things about this campaign was the increase in sales. The senior category marketing manager at Nestlé Bolivia mentioned that their budget wasn’t a big one and that they didn’t expect to see these amazing results. 

During this campaign, Maggi saw a 50% increase in sales. In some of the stores, there was a 200% increase in sales. As you can see, you don’t need big budgets to lift sales. You need a great idea and the right solution to implement it. 

“We’re still waiting for the final numbers from the retailers, but we hear good things. We know for sure that we’ve seen at least a 50% uplift in MAGGI’s soup sales in all stores. But I can also safely say that some stores are likely to see at least 200% uplift from this campaign alone.” - Maria Fernanda Ugalde, Senior category marketing manager at Nestlé

What did Nestlé think about this campaign?

This campaign surpassed the expectations of Maria Fernanda Ugalde, senior category marketing manager at Nestlé Bolivia. She stated that:

“Since the pandemic hit, we knew many consumers were nervous and worried when shopping. Times have been challenging, so we wanted to give shoppers something to laugh and smile about while helping retailers sell more of MAGGI’s products. We’re thrilled with the engagement this campaign has created both on and offline and our partnership with Tokinomo. The campaign also added a little touch of magic to the brand.” Maria Fernanda Ugalde, Senior category marketing manager at Nestlé 

Nestlé Bolivia managed to accomplish all of its campaign objectives while also bringing a bit of magic to grocery stores. 

Have a creative idea in mind? 

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