Reinventing in-store marketing

For FMCG brands and grocery retailers. 

200% average sales lift

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Maggi's singing pot goes viral

See how Tokinomo turned a simple pot into a singing one. 

Henkel success story

See how Tokinomo increased sales by 159% for Le Chat! 

In a world brimming with choices, where a stroll down a supermarket aisle presents a myriad of similar options, what com...

In today's fast-paced world, customers expect shopping to be smooth and hassle-free, whether they're clicking through a ...

Campaign corner

Back to basics. Lowes Foods, a regional grocery chain, has introduced a new campaign for its private-lab...

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The new generation of POSM: 168澳洲幸运5开奖记录

For decades, retail has relied on the same-old in-store marketing and visual merchandising techniques to increase engagement and sales: cardboards, shelf stoppers, sampling campaigns, price cuts.

With consumers’ behavior changing at a fast pace, there is a clear demand for improving the shopping experience inside brick-and-mortar stores. Enter Tokinomo: the in-store advertising solution of the modern age.  

The new generation of POSM: robotic display
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A game-changer in trade marketing

A game-changer in trade marketing

Out with the old, in with the new! FMCG brands and grocery retailers have a new ace up their sleeves. Tokinomo is a shelf advertising solution that uses advanced technology to interact with shoppers in real-time.

Finally, you can use storytelling to attract customers and generate engagement right at the point of sale. 

How does

Why is Tokinomo THE ULTIMATE
in-store marketing solution?

Boosts product visibility at the shelf

50% of shoppers passing by the shelf notice the product advertised with Tokinomo and remember its name even after walking out of the store. 

Lifts shopper engagement

30% of shoppers walking by the shelf interact with the product by coming closer to listen to the audio message or by taking it off the shelf. 

Increases sales for your brand

Tokinomo robots generate on average a +200% increase in sales, with no price cuts . This means that you can lift sales through shopper engagement rather than discounts. 

Generates instant buzz and word-of-mouth

In-store marketing campaigns with Tokinomo POS display spark interest and get shared on social media channels which expands its effects even outside the stores.


Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation. That’s why top FMCG brands of the world used our innovative in-store marketing robot for their shopper activation campaigns. 

Your unique marketing ideas combined with our unique technology are unstoppable. See how you can make a difference and join the in-store marketing revolution. 

The world's most innovative brands chose Tokinomo. See Coca Cola

Tokinomo is the perfect
in-store marketing solution for:

FMCG brands

Raise brand awareness, shopper engagement and increase sales in no time with our shelf advertising robot. 

Grocery retailers

Add a new advertising medium to your portfolio and generate extra profits by using Tokinomo robots in your store. 

In-store marketing agencies

Stay competitive on the market by offering your clients the most innovative in-store marketing solution. 

We did several campaigns for Auchan’s private labels and for our suppliers’ brands, and the results have been remarkable: impressive sales lifts during the activations and a great experiential impact on the customers. We will continue to develop modern in-store activation solutions and we are happy Tokinomo is one of them.
Tiberiu Danetiu
Tiberiu Danetiu
Marketing Director, Auchan
We believe that the performance of the Tokinomo device was significantly above average, doubling the market share for the overall brand versus the same period of last year. It can be said that it is a lot more efficient than a promotion.
Pachitanu George
Pachitanu George Ciprian
Senior Customer Development Manager, Johnson&Johnson
Now in COVID times, it gets harder and harder to promote your brand in-store via traditional activations. Through Tokinomo we managed to increase the visibility of our products, encourage sales and maintain higher sales after the activation.
Elena Ion
Elena Ion
Brand Manager, Ficosota
We know for sure that we’ve seen at least a 50% uplift in MAGGI’s soup sales in all stores. But I can also safely say that some stores are likely to see at least 200% uplift from this campaign alone. It’s crazy that with such a low budget, we see these results. It’s also made us think about the importance of the final part of the puzzle when selling products in-store.
Maria Fernanda Ugalde
Maria Fernanda Ugalde
Senior Category Marketing Manager at Nestlé
Tokinomo robots boost sales on average by +200%, without reducing the price of the product.

Wanna talk numbers?

When it comes to sales numbers, you could hardly find another in-store marketing solution that generates such outstanding results.

Tokinomo robots boost sales on average by +200%, without reducing the price of the product. Sure, you might be skeptical right now and we get it. So read a full review here and check out some of our case studies!

around the world

Our technology is making its way into grocery shops all over the world. So if you're wondering if you could do a campaign using the ultimate in-store marketing technology, the answer is yes!

With over 2000 robots deployed and certified partners in more than 40 countries and counting, FMCG brands, grocery retailers and in-store marketing agencies are now able to create outstanding marketing campaigns that speak to their customers. Literally.

Tokinomo around the world

In-store marketing from A to Z.
Discover In-Storepedia!

We’re on a mission to improve the lives of our FMCG clients, not just by delivering outstanding experiential marketing campaigns, but also by providing insightful content for their professional day-to-day business. This is how IN-STOREPEDIA was born: a custom-made encyclopedia with free content covering in-store marketing aspects from A to Z. 

Engage and inspire shoppers to buy your products in the new normal!

The Pandemic changed consumer behavior. Adapt to the new normal by using modern retail technology!

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The in-store marketing revolution starts with Tokinomo.
The in-store marketing revolution starts with Tokinomo.

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